Veteran journalist: ‘Is the Marxist takeover of America already complete?’

Karl Marx

The American way of independence, entrepreneurialism and liberty has been under assault for decades.

The cultural foundations of the United States and its institutions are devolving along the lines of some futuristic apocalyptic novel and producing social, moral, and economic dry rot that can lead only to chaos and ruin.

Attacks on individuality, freedom and personal responsibility for most of the last century have resulted, as Alexis de Tocqueville once predicted, in a gradual degradation of the people and the descent into slavery of once-free people.

“Crushing the Collective: The Last Chance to Keep America Free and Self-governing” illuminates the very real dangers of the socialistic mindset that is currently threatening Americans’ freedoms and the very existence of our great nation.

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As Benjamin Franklin said, when the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will



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