VERY INTERESTING: Trump Montage Defies The Caricature Presented By His Enemies

[embedded content]

Is this the real Donald J. Trump?

The video shows a thoughtful, caring, patriotic, successful citizen.

The Trump in the video is a wildly different man than the one portrayed by his enemies.

If this is the Trump behind closed doors, it might explain why he has such thoughtful and successful kids.

This video is VERY INTERESTING to say the least.

He is ever the showman. Would the subdued and cerebral Trump shown in the video even have the nomination?

Our society is operating on messages the size of a Tweet!

I doubt many make it to the end of the video because of its length. Our attention spans don’t go 20 minutes!

One thing is for sure, Trump is In It To Win It! 

He said it years ago, and it looks to be holding true.




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