Venezuelans Eating Dogs and Birds During Food Shortage

Venezuelans are turning to horrific practices in order to feed their families as the nation’s socialist experiment crumbles.

As the South American country suffered under their crumbling socialist programs in 2016, hyper inflation set in, causing prices of common items such as cheeseburgers to reach hundreds of U.S. Dollars.  As if it couldn’t get any worse, the people of Venezuela are now being forced into a barbaric situation to survive.

“Venezuela’s food crisis has gotten so bad that people are apparently killing pink flamingos and other protected animals in order to stave off hunger.

“While flamingo hunting is both illegal and uncommon in the South American nation, investigators from Zulia University in the northwestern Venezuelan city of Maracaibo have noted at least 20 cases of bird carcasses being discovered with their breasts and torsos removed.

“And flamingos aren’t the only unusual animal to become a victim of Venezuela’s worsening food…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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