Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro Chased Out of Town by Angry Protesters (VIDEO)

Venezuelans have been protesting the socialist regime that has crippled the country’s economy and left people starving and angry. This weekend, the protesters directed all of their anger at the president Hugo Chavez hand-picked to succeed him, and the confrontation has made international headlines.

President Nicolas Maduro was visiting Margarita Island, where he gave a speech that was broadcast nationwide, denouncing protests from citizens demanding that he step down. All the while, protesters, furious and hungry, banged pots and pans and yelled, leading authorities to detain at least 20 citizens.

But the crowd wouldn’t be dissuaded, and the angry protesters literally chased the president out of town. Video of the incident was posted on social media

El Pueblo de #VillaRosa en Margarita sin miedo! A cacerolazo limpio corrió a Maduro! #RevocatorioYA

— Henrique Capriles R. (@hcapriles) September 3, 2016

Venezuelans are calling for a recall vote to…



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