Utah State Senator Forced to Hide in His Hotel Room After Mystery Woman Appeared at the Door

Some people are just crazy and this is another one of those stories. A random woman appeared at the hotel where Utah Senator Evan Vickers was staying as well as getting ready to leave, insisting she was his date.

He eventually locked himself in his hotel room, waiting for her to leave. He had no idea who she was or what she wanted.

As Written and Reported By Teri Webster for The Blaze:

A Utah state senator was forced to hide in his hotel room after a persistent young woman appeared at the door and insisted she was his “date.”

Republican state Sen. Evan Vickers told media he was preparing to leave his room at the Little America on Thursday night when the woman appeared, KSTU-TV reported.

What did the woman say?

“I opened the door and there was a young lady standing there and she said ‘Hi,’ and I said,



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