Under Hillary, Laws Are For Poor People

In this video, House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz grills FBI director James Comey on his findings on Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.

The mental gymnastics that Comey has to jump through to attempt to answer Chaffetz’s questions while at the same time not implying that Hillary did anything wrong would be impressive if not for the fact that it’s such a devastating blow to the justice system in America.

Chaffetz keeps asking Comey these very easy to answer questions. We know Hillary Clinton lied under oath. We know she mishandled classified emails. Yet, every time it came time for Comey to answer these basic questions, he would go blank for a minute and search for the appropriate answer that would somehow get him off the hook.

As the video goes on, Chaffetz gets more and more fed up. At one point he asks Comey if Hillary would pass the…



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