Unabashed Hatred, Something I Know

Recent news headlines revealed an elderly Trump supporter was attacked by chair wielding Clinton supporting liberal.

Another Trump supporter was recently attacked at an airport “peaceful protest” by more liberal leftists.

Literal media silence.

I know hate. I do not care how you want to phrase it, this is hate. Unfortunately, cases like these are happening all over the country.

I have told my conservative friends and family:

Don’t wear a Trump hat
Don’t post a Trump sign in your yard
No Trump bumper stickers on the cars.

I do not want anyone of us to be a target by the “tolerant” left.

See, I know irrational hatred from my fellow humans.

For 20 years I was married to a black man, I know hate when I see it. Liberals do it, conservatives do it. Other white people that think I am “one of you” and other black people attacked me, my…



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