UK Government Wants to Keep Multiculturalism but End Privacy [WATCH!]

“We will carry on” means the UK Government continues mass migration but increases spying because of the imported terrorism.

Now that the UK government is proposing action in response to the terror attack, we can see how it is following the standard script of gaining power through its total failure to protect us.

The AFP reports,

The British government said Sunday that its security services must have access to encrypted messaging applications such as WhatsApp, as it revealed that the service was used by the man behind the parliament attack.

Khalid Masood, the 52-year-old Briton who killed four people in a rampage in Westminster on Wednesday before being shot dead, reportedly used the Facebook-owned service moments before the assault.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd told Sky News it was “completely unacceptable” that police and security services had not been able to crack the heavily encrypted service.

“You can’t have a…



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