U.S. Suicide Rate Soars in 21st Century – Up 80% For Middle Aged White Women

Police were also vague about the sign, saying only that it related to “social justice.” Bishop said two others who witnessed the shooting told him that it said, “Tax the one percent,” and that he seemed to raise it just before pulling the trigger.

Jim White was at the Capitol Visitor Center when the announcement of the lockdown came over the loudspeaker. He said there was no panic, just chatter about what could be going on outside. His 1:30 p.m. tour went on as scheduled. The only indication that something was amiss: The tour guide kept stretching and extending his talk.

Bernard called the incident “a bit unfortunate,” especially with all the tourists in town to see the cherry blossoms.

Yes, so unfortunate that someone blowing their brains out potentially due to economic serfdom got in the way of cherry blossom selfies.

– From the post: Illinois Man Commits Suicide in…



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