U.S., Russian Fighters Jets Involved in “Close Calls” Over Syria

U.S. and Russian fighter jets have been involved in some harrowing encounters in recent months.

The close calls between the fighter pilots occurred as U.S. President Barack Obama has continued to push the fallacy that Russia influenced the 2016 general election, and while Russia has been fighting back against the allegations.

“One night this past fall, a U.S. radar plane flying a routine pattern over Syria picked up a signal from an incoming Russian fighter jet.

“The American crew radioed repeated warnings on a frequency universally used for distress signals. The Russian pilot didn’t respond.

“Instead, as the U.S. plane began a wide sweep to the south, the Russian fighter, an advanced Su-35 Flanker, turned north and east across the American plane’s nose, churned up a wave of turbulent air in its path and briefly disrupted its sensitive electronics.

 “’We assessed that guy to be within one-eighth of a mile—a…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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