Twitter Facing Lawsuit Over Terror Ties?


Social media has been absolutely integral to the terrifying success of international terrorism organizations such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

Twitter is now facing a lawsuit alleging that the social media network is not doing enough to curb the use of their platform by terrorists.

Recently, Facebook was on the receiving end of a lawsuit by a terror-stricken family who believed that the social media behemoth was not doing enough to prevent terrorists from using the network to recruit jihadists.  Now it seems that Twitter is facing a similar lawsuit, alleging that the rapid-fire web status machine could and should be working harder to eliminate terrorism from their platform.

“The lawsuit, which was filed in the southern district of New York on January 8, alleges that Twitter has played ‘a uniquely essential role in the development of ISIS’s image, its success in recruiting members from around the world, and its ability…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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