Twitter Caught Censoring Positive Trump Comments?

Twitter has once again been caught censoring conservative viewpoints, this time for users responding to tweets from The President.

And this isn’t the first time that the social media giant has been accused of left-leaning nonsense.  Twitter’s censorship story goes back years, with incidents spanning the platform’s entire existence.  Now, even more evidence of their liberal bias has emerged.

“Twitter appears to be censoring positive replies to President Donald Trump’s tweets and only showing negative responses.

“Earlier this month, Twitter announced that it would be ‘collapsing’ tweets deemed ‘low quality,’ a completely subjective definition that is wide open to interpretation. These tweets are now being buried ‘so the most relevant conversations are brought forward’.

“As numerous Trump supporters have noticed, this has had the impact of pushing negative replies to the top of the thread after every tweet sent out by Trump, ensuring the entire conversation is dominated by anti-Trump zealots.

“As Medium’s…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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