Twitter Admits To Hiding Anti-Hillary Tweets During 2016 Campaign

Democrats and their progressive pals have constantly been attempting to stifle conservative news and commentary, neutering the all-important concept of free speech.  These radical leftists and the leftist owned media such as Twitter and Facebook, believe that free speech is only acceptable so long as you don’t ruffle any of their feathers, especially the left-wing owners of social media.

Despite the fact that this nation was built on the concept of free speech the left has been violently and vehemently working to install censorship of conservative speech for years. And now in the new digital age, there are threats to free speech that we have never faced before, including social media censorship by Facebook, Google, and Twitter, the latter of which has now admitted to a massive, immoral campaign of tweet-burying antics.

“Twitter ‘hid’ nearly 50 percent of tweets bearing the hashtag #DNCLeak along with a quarter of those with #PodestaEmails during

Andrew West and Jeff Dunetz

Andrew West and Jeff Dunetz

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