Twin Towers – Trump and Giuliani Strike Fear into the Hearts of Our Enemies

I remember where I was when the towers fell. I remember how I felt as New York City was turned into a smoke filled war zone. It all came crashing back for me a few days ago on the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11.

My news-feed was full of images and videos showing the destruction in vivid detail. I was actually surprised it hit me so hard.

I watched a powerful video that is simply images of 9/11 set to music that forced me to hold back tears. I sat my children down and made them watch it. My fifteen-year-old son, was only 2 months old the day Islamic terrorists killed more than 3000 Americans. He needs to know about it. He needs to see the images and feel our American pain. My younger two could sense my own anguish as I showed them the horrific images. It was different than…



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