Turkey Has Done What Obama Won’t And Defeated ISIS

ISIS has been kicked off of the Syrian-Turkish border by Turkish forces. Without access to the border, ISIS can no longer import supplies or new recruits and they lose their ability to communicate with the outside world.  The recent military action by Turkey is from the creation of  Operation Euphrates Shield, an operation created to stop ISIS after the recent bombing in Turkey.

ISIS is cut off and alone in Syria after Turkey kicked them off their border in just two days of fighting.

According to Turkish state-run news agency Anadolu, “The Turkish border with Syria was cleared Sunday of Daesh terrorists.”

This has already proved to be a major setback for the Islamic State. The Syrian-Turkish border was how the terror group got supplies and new recruits into the country and of major importance for their communication with the outside world. Without contact and reinforcements, their time is clearly limited.




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