Trump’s Do’s And Don’t’s Of Social Media

It’s no surprise that Social Media has jumped in the driver’s seat during this year’s presidential election. In an age where split-second advertisement is a way of life, social media campaigning has become a crucial part of Donald Trump’s trailblazing campaign. The immense outreach that social media offense is insane. A single post, a video, a picture, a thought, all within the grasp of millions of people.  Donald Trump’s Facebook reaches over 10 million people. His Twitter reaches 11.6 million, and his Instagram reaches 2.4 million. All of it, free advertising.

That being said, there is a flip side to that attractive coin. Nothing is private anymore. Even a post that shouldn’t be published, an inappropriate picture, an incriminating video, an insensitive thought, is seen by millions before you can take it down. The margin for error rises dramatically. Donald Trump knows this first hand.

Every presidential election is followed…



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