Trump’s Business Savvy Just Saved The U.S. $1B per Hour

Donald Trump’s negotiations with Boeing lasted merely an hour, but saved the American taxpayer $1 billion.

One of Trump’s first pieces of business after being elected in November was to call a meeting with Boeing, the manufacturers of Air Force One, in an effort to drive down the cost of the President’s personal airfare.  Now, it looks as though Trump saved the American taxpayer beaucoup dinero in as little as one hour of negotiations.

“Speaking at a ‘campaign rally’ in Melbourne, Florida, on Saturday, Trump told the crowd of more than 9,000 that just one hour of negotiations with Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg saved the American taxpayers more than $1 billion on the new airplanes.

“’We’ve got that price down by over $1 billion and I probably haven’t spoken for more than an hour on the project. I got the generals in who are fantastic … but I told Boeing…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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