Trump’s Back And Forth On Gun Control

Trump’s Tipsy Position On Gun Control (Image: MGN)

If you were to ask Donald Trump, right now what his position on gun control is, do you know what he would say? Do you with 100 percent certainty know what his answer would be? To be honest with you, I’m not sure he knows what he would say.

When Trump is fighting against Hillary Clinton, he stands as the flag-bearing poster child for the Second Amendment. Yet, his position hasn’t always been the most steadfast. He seems to be as fluid with his mouth as he is with his stance on gun control.

After the Newton school shootings back in 2012, Trump tweeted that Barack Obama had spoken for him and for all the American people at the vigil for the victims. Yet now, he has reversed that and accuses Obama and Clinton of undermining the Constitution. That’s fine, people change…



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