Trump vows to DESTROY and “rebuild” FBI

President Donald Trump slamed the “biased” FBI leadership Friday, and vowed to “rebuild” the FBI in the name of loyalty and support for law enforcement.

The statement came in Trump’s address at the agency’s training academy — and it left Trump voters cheering.

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“It’s a shame what’s happened” with the FBI, the president said as he left the White House for a speech at the FBI training academy in Quantico, Virginia. He called the agency’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s email investigation “really disgraceful” and said “we’re going to rebuild the FBI.”

Shortly afterward, Trump lavished praise on graduates of a weeks-long FBI National Academy program and their families, touting their accomplishments and pledging his unwavering support. Trump told law enforcement leaders he is “more loyal than anyone else could be” to police.

“Anti-police sentiment is wrong and it’s dangerous,”



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