Trump Vows to Bring Back Judeo-Christian Values: Now Winning the Cultural War

When Donald Trump ran for office he said he would ‘Make America Great Again’. He said he would rebuild our military. He said he would return our economy and get rid of Obama regulations that were strangling businesses. Trump also said he would bring back ‘Judeo-Christian’ values – those our nation was founded on. Looks like he’s keeping those promises.

On  Oct. 13, Trump addressed the Values Voters Summit in Washington, where he proclaimed that he was bringing back “Judeo-Christian” values to the United States, and ending the war on Christmas, CNN reported.

While the Obama administration often appeared obsessed with improving the country’s image in the Muslim world — making outreach to Muslims a priority for NASA for example — Trump’s speech made clear where he stands on cultural conflicts within the United States.

“We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values,” Trump proclaimed to an audience that erupted in in



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