TRUMP TOWERS IN NY: Not Much Of A Race Anymore?

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Donald J. Trump took a giant step to being the Republican nominee last night by winning New York in a landslide with more than 60% of the vote.

Primary opponent, Ted Cruz, was haunted by his “New York Values” statement and apparently New Yorker’s made him pay at the ballot box.

In his victory speech, Trump said,

We don’t have much of a race anymore…Senator Cruz is just about mathematically eliminated.

That fact hasn’t kept John Kasich from leaving the race, do you think it will phase Cruz?

In recent weeks, Cruz has been dominant with a ground game strategy that will position him with delegate power at the convention, should it come to that.

In New York, Trump added 95 delegates to his total, going in the right direction, but not promising to be enough to make the majority required to win outright.

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