Trump Teams Floats Idea of Drug Testing Press Corps

Could the Trump team take up the task of testing the press corps for drug use?

Just last week, Trump and one CNN reporter had a spat during the President-Elect’s press conference, with Trump accusing the liberal mouthpiece of being “fake news” – a buzzword that leftist outlets such as CNN and MSNBC have been touting ad nauseam as a way to combat the rise of the new, true media from the right.  Now, Trump’s team is even looking at the possibility of drug-testing the press corps.

“The pee-in-a-cup proposal (yellow journalism indeed) was one of 13 ideas one candidate for White House press secretary wrote in November in a confidential memo to members of the Presidential Transition Team’s Executive Committee.

“He didn’t get the job, and I am not naming him because his proposal could harsh the mellow of his fellow journalists.

“Sean Spicer, who was spokesman for the…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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