Trump Sending #1 Man to Arizona’s Biggest Free Speech Event EVER: “We Won’t Be Shut Down…”

This weekend in Arizona, the biggest free speech rally EVER is happening and the White House is sending none other than President Trump’s personal confidant and #1 spiritual advisor Pastor Mark Burns to stand up to anybody trying to shut it down, Berkeley-style.

Not gonna happen. If you know anyone within 500 miles of Phoenix – SHARE THIS WITH THEM!!

This Friday, October 27th and Saturday October 28th, in Phoenix , Arizona – the United Liberty Coalition is holding a symposium, concert, charity benefitting veterans and a massive Free Speech Event with speakers including Milo Yiannopoulos who is headlining the event, Pastor Mark Burns, Josh Bernstein and some surprise guests (who don’t want to be identified until the night of – you’ll know why when you see them).

UPDATE: You can get also get tickets to a VIP dinner with Milo at


Baron Von Kowenhoven

Baron Von Kowenhoven

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