Trump Says: THANKS, BUT NO THANKS, To Megyn Kelly Townhall Wednesday

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly have enjoyed an ongoing feud since the Iowa Caucuses. Is it over? Not likely.

Donald Trump has not softened his opinion of being on any type of stage with Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly. He famously skipped the last Iowa debate where Kelly was a host.

Trump lost Iowa, but obviously, is not about to Flip Flop on his NO MEGYN KELLY stance.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

All of the other major GOP candidates are attending the event.

Donald Trump will not be a part of the Fox News town hall hosted by Megyn Kelly on Wednesday.

The GOP presidential frontrunner had a prior commitment that could not be changed on short notice, according to a Trump campaign spokeswoman.

“The campaign has a previous engagement in Virginia and then New York, which could not be rescheduled,” Trump spokesperson Hope Hicks said in an email…



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