Trump Recruits Tyson To K.O. GOP

Trump’s Guests For The GOP Convention Sounds Like The Lineup For A Bad Joke (Image: MGN)

Trump seems to have a number of A-List celebrity friends that may be attending the GOP Convention next month.  Among them are Mike Tyson, coach Bobby Knight, and coach Mike Ditka. It hasn’t been said what the role of the celebrities will be yet whether they will be speaking or just attending.

Donald Trump, Mike Tyson, and Bobby Knight walk into the GOP Convention. No punchline needed for that joke.

The GOP Convention is right around the corner and it has  everyone riveted with anticipation. Including Trump. Donald Trump seems to be preparing for an amazing night and, of course, he is providing the celebrities.

So far nothing has been guaranteed, but a few names from the top of Trump’s list have managed to leak out to the public. Among the names are the former heavyweight…



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