Trump Puts Obama’s School Lunch Program The Same Place Kids Put The Food: The Trash

Trump is making school lunches great again.

President Donald Trump is dumping former First Lady Michelle Obama’s lunch program right in the trash, much like most of the students were already doing!

As someone who spent her high school years under the tyrannical rule of the Obamas, I can speak from experience when I say that the school lunches tanked when Moochelle was given full reign over the program.

Like most students, lunch was my favorite period of the school day. That was until the menu completely flopped, and our food tasted more like cardboard than appetizing, edible food. We were not even allowed to have salt or pepper packets per the mooch’s rules. We literally started bringing our own salt and pepper shakers to school!!

As if the food itself wasn’t bad enough, on the days it was tolerable, there was never enough. We left hungry every



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