Trump Protester Throws Punch Gets Pepper Sprayed

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Things are getting a little fiesty in Wisconsin. As the battle for the GOP nomination heats up the protesters keep causing trouble. It seems these people have nothing better to do than follow Trump around protesting.

Some reports have suggested they are actually paid operatives. Hard to say if you get a “Bonus” for being pepper sprayed to the face as a professional protester, but if so, this girl earned it.

The flip side is, people argue that the Trump supporters are causing it. It’s starting to sound like a battered wife situation…well, she made me hit her. No matter who is to blame, this video shows where we are at and it’s ugly.

From USA Today:

JANESVILLE, Wis. — As GOP frontrunner Donald Trump prepared to speak to supporters in Wisconsin on Tuesday, a 15-year-old girl outside the venue was pepper-sprayed after striking another bystander, police&helli





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