Trump Motorcade Attacked! Secret Service Investigating

The Secret Service is investigating an incident in which the the President’s motorcade was attacked.

The Secret Service, who no doubt believed that they would have a full plate once Trump took office, is investigating an incident this week in which the President’s motorcade was attacked when some threw a rock in its general direction.

“The Secret Service is reportedly investigating after a vehicle in President Trump’s motorcade was hit by an object in south Florida, where the president is spending his weekend.

“A US Secret Service spokesperson told members of the President’s press pool that they are investigating an incident: ‘The Secret Service can confirm that an object appears to have been thrown at the motorcade this afternoon. We are investigating at this time and don’t have anything further.’

“According to ABC News, law enforcement said the object was a rock. It didn’t hit the presidential limo, but another…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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