Trump Gets Unexpected Help For Border Wall Construction

Donald Trump is getting some unconventional offers to help construct a border wall from a sheriff in Massachusetts.

Sure, the democrats are lambasting every word that Trump speaks on the subject of border security, but that hasn’t deterred the great majority of conservative Americans from banding together and coming up with ways to make Trump’s wall a reality.  One such American is Thomas M. Hodgson of Massachusetts.

“Thomas M. Hodgson, who was sworn in to a fifth four-year term on Wednesday as sheriff of Bristol County, is pitching a plan to create a nationwide consortium of sheriffs who agree to make inmate labor available to respond to the aftermath of hurricanes and natural disasters — and for ambitious national building projects. One possible application would be to provide labor for the construction of a border wall.

“’I can think of no other project that would have such a positive impact on our…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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