Trump Effect on Jobs Has No Sign of Slowing Down

The Trump Effect is significantly impacting the jobs outlook in America, and Trump hasn’t even taken office yet.

It’s been called “The Trump Effect”, and it has impacted our great nation in a myriad of ways.  There have been numerous massive corporations pledging to invest in the American workforce and infrastructure, and now it seems as if the job market is responding in kind.

“The number of companies announcing investment — and in many cases a return to investment — in the U.S.A. with a corresponding rush to create jobs for Americans has continued to grow even before President-elect Donald Trump takes office.

“In the weeks after his election on November 8, a series of large corporations announced major initiatives to expand in the U.S. but, since then, the number has only grown.

“By the middle of December, several companies had announced new jobs and expansion plans for the U.S., including Carrier…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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