Trump Cuts Admittance of Refugees Down 87 Percent Since Taking Office

Trump promised to ‘Make America Great Again’. Part of that promise included putting America FIRST! When it comes to the safety and national security of Americans – our safety comes first. Compared to Obama, when it comes to reducing the number of refugees Trump has done a significant job drastically reducing the number allowed into our country.

Of course Trump promised there would be strong differences when it came to the travel ban too. It wouldn’t be a permanent ban; rather, one that would be in place until we could be sure that the people admitted into this country weren’t Islamic terrorists coming to do harm.

Numbers are now coming in that show Trump is definitely keeping his word. The number of refugees admitted into the United States has decreased sharply, Fox News reported.

For the first month of fiscal year 2018, the number of refugees admitted has fallen by a whopping 87



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