Trump Coaxes Standing Ovation for Clinton at Luncheon


Bill and Hillary Clinton did follow through on their promise to attend the inauguration of Donald Trump, but they were certainly not happy about it.

Hillary Clinton’s inauguration day was capped off by a standing ovation that had to be requested by President Trump.

The duo, widely considered to be part of a vast network of leftist criminals in power, sat through many events during yesterday’s festivities.  At each and every event, Hillary Clinton looked to be absolutely livid and bitter at there humiliating loss in November.  Trump, sensing this, then implored the crowd at a president luncheon to stand for Hillary as they greeted her.

“Donald Trump extended an olive branch to Hillary Clinton on Friday afternoon in the form of a 30-second standing ovation for his political nemesis after a luncheon with members of Congress.

“And at long last, she offered a broad smile.

“Trump’s moment…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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