Trump Calls Out Nonsense Regarding Russian Hacking Story


Even Donald Trump can see through the smoke and mirrors that the left has been using to promote their Russian hacking fallacies in recent weeks.

Donald Trump has publicly questioned the liberal Russian hacking story via Twitter.

Trump, who has been one of the most transparent President-Elects in the history of the nation due to his propensity to share on Twitter, publicly took to the platform to question the “strange” circumstances surrounding the timing of his next bringing on the subject of the Russian hacking phenomenon.

“Donald Trump says that a briefing he was due to receive on Russia’s alleged hacking attacks and meddling with US elections was strangely delayed until Friday, making the President-elect to wonder whether there was enough ‘intelligence’ to ‘build’ such a case.

“In a ‘very strange’ turn of events, an intelligence briefing the US President-elect was expecting to receive early this week was delayed, Donald Trump…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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