Trump Breaks with GOP on Maternity Leave and Childcare

Donald Trump departed from traditional Republican policy priorities in a speech last evening in Pennsylvania. Trump unveiled his new Child Care Plan in the speech and on his campaign website. The proposed policy will contain six weeks of mandatory paid maternity leave for new mothers and tax deductions for childcare. Watch the message delivered by Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka here:

[embedded content]

Employers have been addressing absence due to child birth for some time in increasing numbers through Short Term Disability (STD) programs. These benefits cover absence due to the birth of a child and other personal illness or injury at an average of 60% of an employee’s salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2014, 40% of workers in private industry had access to an employer sponsored STD plan. Since 1999, this rate has been increasing. The average cost of these plans to employees is $.05…



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