Transgender Agenda Completely GUTS Target, Stocks Down BILLIONS

Target stock has tanked nearly $14 billion this year after their left-wing politics made many customers uncomfortable.

Take Target, for example; an enormous retailer that jumped on the Obama-led bandwagon regarding the rights of those identifying as “transgender”.  In an effort to cash in on what they believed would be a liberal millennial anti-boycott due to their progressive policy, Target was instead tackled blindside by the power of the American conservative consumer.

“The stock value of transgender-champion Target Corp. crashed by 13.5 percent this week after the company’s sales again fell below investors’ expectations.

“Target’s stock value is now down by 30 percent since it sparked a consumer boycott by embracing the transgender political agenda. That 30 percent drop has slashed investors’ wealth by roughly $15 billion.

“On Tuesday, the stock fell to $58.78, down from its April 19 high of $83.98. In contrast, WalMart is up 3 percent since April, and Kohl’s…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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