Tomi Lahren Is Sick Of Our Apologist In Chief

Tomi Lahren has had enough of the apologist rhetoric of our leftist leaders and goes on an epic rant, saying what our elected cowards won’t.

“The Quran doesn’t radicalize guns, it radicalizes terrorists.”

While that statement is easy to understand it is something that no democrats and increasingly fewer Republicans seem to understand. After over forty terrorist attacks on U.S. soil during Obama’s reign, he still has trouble blaming Islam for the attacks, despite the fact that all of the attackers expressed their devotion to Allah and carried out these attacks in his name.

“The apologists love to lecture us on Muslim sensitivity. Operating on the logic that if we upset the peaceful Muslims, if we offend them, we’re playing into the hands of ISIS. So what they’re saying is that if we offend the religion of peace then the peaceful majority might be so offended that…



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