Thoughts on Brexit from Someone Who Spends Time in the “Forgotten Places”

The Brexit vote in itself proves the point. Sure, David Cameron has announced his intention to resign, but where are the the resignations of EU technocrats? If anyone was discredited by this vote it’s the leadership of the EU, but they aren’t going anywhere. Why? Because they’re experts, and experts stay around forever. Like Larry Summers, bank executives and neocon war mongers, these people never suffer the consequences of their actions and thus remain free to run around endlessly destroying the world from their unassailable perches of power.

That’s the point. Being an expert does not make you infallible. Your credentials should certainly offer you a seat at the policy making table, but from that moment on you had better demonstrate performance. It’s the same way with a corporate job. The resume gets you in the door, but your production day in and day out keeps you in the seat.

– From last week’s post: Brexit =…



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