This Smart Condom Keeps Track of Your Performance In Bed, Because Why Not?

Have you ever wished your sex life had just a bit more numbers and charts in it?

Apparently, someone has, because now “smart condoms” are a thing.  It’s like the Fitbit of condoms.

British company British Condoms markets its i.Con as “the world’s first smart condom.” But in the fine print, it’s actually the world’s first “smart condom ring.” It’s meant to sit over a condom at the base and be used “over and over again.” And of course there’s a companion iOS app.  What, do they think Android people don’t get down?

Calories burned during sex Speed of thrusts Total number of thrusts Frequency of sex How long sex lasts Average speed of thrusts Size

All of that is kept anonymous, unless you want bragging rights to share it with…



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