This Poll of Millennials Should Make You Fear for the Future of America!

Every generation looks at the next generation and worries for the future. That Elvis Presley was shaking his hips so provocatively! Rock-n-roll was going to ruin the children. The parents of the hippies of the 60’s surely had (some legit) concerns. Heck, as a child of the 80’s, I might damage my eyes with all that neon! It’s a line every generation uses; “Kids these days…”

But O.M.G. kids these days! I don’t know what has gotten into this generation! Most young adults go through that annoying know-it-all phase, but generally it doesn’t last long and as they age, they understand they certainly didn’t know all that much. But these days we are watching a generation of sheep trying to be edgy, trying to piss off their parents, trying to make their mark.

This generation is rebelling against the long held American ideal that communism is evil. They have



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