This Million Dollar Winnie The Pooh Collection Is The Largest In The World | The Vault | Forbes

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Deb Hoffmann wasn’t always a Winnie the Pooh collector. It started with a ketchup bottle telephone, which turned into a nationwide hunt for a Winnie the Pooh phone. Since then, her collection has grown to over 21,000 unique items, worth around $1 million. Deb says she thinks she has a collector gene, and on this episode of The Vault, she shows us inside of the world’s largest Winnie the Pooh collection.

0:00 Meet Deb Hoffmann
0:39 How Deb started collecting
1:08 Deb’s “collector gene”
2:29 1960s Pooh mascot costume
3:09 Vintage 1940s Agnes Brush dolls
3:38 The value of the collection
4:04 Future generations’ interest in collecting

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