This is Going to be a Serious Article

This is going to be a serious article. As much as I like to entertain you, I have to let you know what I’m up to because so much is at risk, I won’t be naming names (yet) for legal reasons, but I won’t be leaving much doubt

Are the lambs still screaming Clairice?

as to what I’m doing, or who I’m after. As you know from my article Brigham City, that little hamlet has a problem. The problem is that while the general populace goes about its business, a unusual number of predictors have set up shop, and as I pointed out yesterday, the local police are clueless!

While the good people of Brigham City celebrated Peach Day, a few blocks away three teenage lesbians got into a knife fight over a love triangle. Now, I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin, but in Austin our queers just cut



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