This Grocery Chain Facing The Brunt of Liberal Boycott

The leftist ethos of America has taken an ugly turn in recent weeks as a plethora of progressives work tirelessly to berate the newly inaugurated President.

Wegman’s, an east coast grocery store with a cult following, is facing massive backlash over their choice to carry Trump-branded wines.

They’ve been called sore losers, crybabies, and snowflakes – all monikers that are accurate in their own way.  Now, these liberal anger-mongers are directing their ire at yet another family-owned and well-revered business; beloved East Coast grocery chain Wegman’s.

“The regional supermarket chain with a cult following is facing calls to remove Trump Winery products from its 10 Virginia stores. Over the weekend, about 300 members of the Prince William County chapter of the National Organization for Women made plans to pressure Wegmans to stop carrying products from the Charlottesville winery.

“’Certainly if Wegmans is carrying Trump wines, I personally will not…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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