This day in WND history: Just what is that in the sky?

Just what is that in the sky?

Aug, 27, 2001: WND published a pair of articles focusing on a mysterious phenomenon in the sky: trails that some people believe are harmful to residents on the ground.

“I’m reporting to you that I think, possibly, the government has a covert operation on the American public and, possibly, beyond,” said California’s Paula Glick. “This may be an international thing. This might be a NATO group effort. Australia and Canada have also complained.”

Freelance journalist Lance Lindsay not only outlined the theories of what the trails might be, he also wrote an article featuring the official response of government agencies.

The Environmental Protection Agency, with the assistance of NASA Glenn Research Center’s Ultra-Efficient Engine Technology Program, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Federal Aviation Administration, released a contrail fact sheet in response to public inquiries.

“Contrails have been a normal effect of jet aviation since



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