This day in WND history: 1 in 6 base morality on Bible

1 in 6 base morality on Bible

Aug. 19, 2005: Just one in six American adults said they made moral decisions based on the Bible in 2005, according to a study by the evangelical Christian Barna Group.

When asked whether they believe moral truth is based on absolute standards or is relative to the circumstances, Americans were divided into roughly equal segments, the California-based group said.

About 35 percent contended that moral truth is absolute, or not dependent upon the circumstances. Thirty-two percent said morality always is determined by the situation. The remaining one-third, 33 percent, indicate they didn’t know if moral truth is absolute or relative.

About 70 percent of evangelical Christians reported believing that moral truth is absolute. Only 42 percent of non-evangelicals held that view.

The research group’s founder, George Barna, said “most born again Christians hold a confusing and inherently contradictory set of religious beliefs that go unchecked by



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