This Crazy Dog is Afraid of Invisible Doors [VIDEO]

If you’ve ever been around Golden Retrievers, you probably know that they are a breed known for their intelligence. These blond pups love to fetch, swim, and please their owners.

The breed is actually ranked the fourth smartest dog; it’s no wonder they are the third most popular breed in the U.S. Although they are known for their intelligence, occasionally even a Golden Retriever will do something clumsy.

Enter Brittany Gaunt and her Golden Retriever, Buddy. The duo shot a video that went viral, with Buddy as the featured comic.

To set the scene: Prior to the video, Buddy had a bit of a run-in with the sliding glass door. Apparently, the mishap taught him that glass doors are not to be trusted.

As the video begins, you see Buddy on one side…



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