Thirteen Times Average Outfits Were Actually Banned For ‘Violating School Dress Code’

School has now became a place that refuses to accept common sense or a sense of proportion.  A kid bites a Pop Tart and gets suspended.  (Looks like a gun) 5 Year old boy suspended for kissing girl on the cheek suspended. (Sexual harassment)

Teen gets suspended for flying the American flag.  (Crating an unsafe environment.  This one has a grain of truth.  Ask any enemy of the US if they feel safe when they see 2,000 Marines carrying an American flag)  The latest school fad is punishing kids for the clothes they wear.  Mostly girls are affected.

 It seems like every week there is another instance of a student being punished for violating the school dress code, and more often than not, the student is female. While it’s important to follow the…



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