They Take a Knee…We Sing Louder

Last Sunday, two hundred NFL football players out of the NFL’s total roster of 1700…in other words 11% of all players…defiantly ‘took a knee’ in protest during the playing of our national anthem. Two hundred anti-American seriously overpaid for the most part black players…with a handful of white players thrown in for good measure…disrespected not only our flag, our nation’s anthem and our country, but also disrespected and dishonored those who currently wear our nation’s uniform, and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe and free at home. And to make matters worse, they did it on ‘Gold Star Mothers Day.’

So while this miserable minority of black American citizenry try to claim it’s about racism in today’s America nothing could be further from the truth, but sadly like some incessant virus, a few white players caught this faux bug and knelt and locked arms



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