The World Mourns With Dallas

The World Mourns With Dallas (Image: MGN)

What happened in Dallas was horrific, and now is the time to stand together. Some of our countries political leaders feel exactly the same and have been standing up and expressing their deep pains over the shooting. Some have come forward with full press releases, while others went to Twitter to express their condolences. Each one reiterating the main point that we, as Americans, need to stand together.

“Rage against the dying of the light.”

Churches around the United States are filled with burning candles today. What happened in Dallas was a heart-wrenching blow to us all. To not only Police Officers but  to American’s.

We have law enforcement to protect us. They are the soldiers of the every day. Every morning they wake up and they put on a uniform, laying their lives on the line for people inside their community. Whether…



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