The Weiner Is Back And Still Sexting

The Weiner Is Sexting…Again (Image: MGN)

Anthony Weiner is back to his old ways and has found another woman to sext with. Sydney Leathers, the woman that Weiner was having a torrid love affair with, over the phone, came forward to reveal his new partner. She was giving a review to the new documentary “Weiner” which discusses the scandal when she claimed that he has found someone new. Apparently, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Back in 2013 Anthony Weiner was in the middle of his mayoral campaign, yet that wasn’t all he was doing. He was also in the middle of a giant sexting escapade under the alias of “Carlos Danger” with a woman known as Sydney Leathers. This all sounds like a bad plot line to a pornographic movie, unfortunately, it’s all true.

Now, Sydney Leathers is back and accusing “Carlos Danger” of being back to his…



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