The Weekend Watch: Monday June 27th

Weekend Recap

We had a busy weekend so I figured I would fill you in, just in case you were too busy enjoying the summer to follow the going on’s around the world.

Hillary and Warren Shock Hearts And Minds In Ohio

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren will travel and speak together in Ohio starting on Monday. Warren has endorsed Clinton for president and many suspect she will be named as Hillary’s VP nomination. Although unlikely, Hillary is at least using Warren to peel off some of Bernie Sander’s supporters.

This come after a recent national poll showed Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump 2 to 1.

Seven Stabbed As Californians Fight Hate Group

A neo-Nazi rally in Sacramento ended in violence on Sunday as members of the white supremacist group and protesters clashed on the Capitol’s grounds. The fight left at least seven people stabbed and nine hospitalized with many…



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